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If you go to any town in our great country, you will find more Realtors than convenient stores, so why am I the guy to choose? 

Hi my name is Matt. I have been selling my whole life. Whether it was selling my mom on why I should stay up late, to selling industrial heavy duty equipment in my previous career, I sell. I know the art of the sell but for awhile I lost the love of it. 

And then I found Real Estate. I am a family man so I know the importance of not only enjoying your home, but being in the neighbourhood that best suits your life style. I have lived in Chilliwack since I was 5 years old. I went to school here, played and coached sports, raised my children and owned a successful local business. 


I realized a while ago, that I was missing something. I was missing the happiness that people get when they are on to a new endeavor, which lead me to Real Estate. There is nothing more exciting for me then to help you find the perfect property for this stage in your life. What are you looking for? Are you a first-time homebuyer? Or are you an investor looking to flip some money in a development? Is it a  new business and you need the best location? Are you just looking for a long term rental property? Or perhaps you want to get away from it all with a sweet recreational property.


Regardless of your needs, I would love the opportunity to show you how committed I am to getting you into the property and community you want. I love that the City of Chilliwack is my home and where my business is, and I want you to love it too

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